Contents may have Shifted During LifeTHE PRAISE

Contents May Have Shifted During Life is a funny, moving set of autobiographical essays by a quirky author with a sensitive heart.

From growing up in Harrisburg under the shadow of Three Mile Island, to the constant mispronunciation of her name ("Chris Nuke?") to the heartbreaking early deaths of her parents, Ms. Wnuk explores what it means to be a daughter, wife, computer geek and ultimately - a true writer.

-- Kathryn Quigley, Assistant Professor of Journalism
at Rowan University and freelance writer

Chris Wnuk's great gift is recognizing that big moments are not so much pictures as mosaics; that it's not one big thing that defines a life but a million little snippets. And she's had the good sense to write them down as they pass. That's what you get in this, her first compilation of essays. One woman's memories, sure, but much more than that. Everywoman's dating traumas, every adult's passage from child to friend to survivor, dotted with dancing, laughing and the joyful discovery of a soulmate. If you're really smart and funny, you'll see yourself here. If you're one of the rest of us, you'll delight in this journey.

--Margaret A. Ryan, Contributing Editor, The Pitch Pipe

Contents May Have Shifted During Life tackles many subjects, from poignant descriptions of grief to wry commentary about living with a last name short on vowels. Together, the essays present Chris Wnuk’s take on life so far with off-beat insight, a bit of sarcasm and lots of humor.  A funny and surprisingly touching book.”

--Mimi Gleason, author of The Tet Offensive:  January-April, 1968


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